Does social media marketing actually sell any books?

My experiences with social media marketing seem to have gone full circle. In the past it seemed to make difference to book sales, driving traffic from Twitter or Google+, for instance, to Facebook pages and onto my website hoping they would click the buy button.

These days, it doesn’t seem to make a hoot of difference. In fact, I seem to sell more books when I do nothing.

I am contemplating focusing on cost-effective advertising but, even then, it seems to me that ebook fiction sales (with the exception of fortunate titles that seem to click with a vast audience – and they must have something for that to happen), fluctuate wildly with most ebook authors really selling comparatively few downloads.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences.


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How to create an immortal action hero – who are yours?

  When I sat down to write ‘The Immortality Plot’ I was determined to create a thriller hero wth a difference. The original title of the book was ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ and I am still attached to that title. … Continue reading

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Feedback on new psycho thriller cover

Book covers are a vitally important part of grabbing the fleeting attention of potential readers – and purchasers. My new cover for my psycho thriller ‘Knife Edge’ I hope does exactly that. If anyone out there would be kind enough to comment I would be very grateful (honestly – if you hate it or it doesn’t work, it is your honest opinion).

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Female revenge thriller

My covers have certainly changed and matured over time but I have to be honest and say that some my earlier book covers were pretty horrendous. Luckily, no one but me ever saw them.

I have looked at using cover designers and there are some talented people out there and I will use one if I really feel they could improve on it. I did experiment with a designer on ‘Knife Edge’ but, to be honest, it didn’t hit me between the eyes.

And you can’t expect a designer to churn out cover after cover all of which get turned down by the author. There’s a limit to what a designer will do and, often, if the first attempt doesn’t strike gold he/she is not going to do much more without being paid.

I might tweak the title itself to make it starker, more brilliant white but with a depth to it. Without feedback it can be a little like dancing in the dark so I’m hoping that anyone who reads this will find the time to comment.

Thanks in advance.

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Should I write as a six foot five woman with a moustache? Get over it.

When I trawl through the listings of literary agents to check out what they are looking for (and, to be fair, they don’t always know), I am surprised at the number of (mainly female) agents that specify a preference for … Continue reading

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A manifesto for authors’ marketplace success | The Bookseller

“The gold rush is

Source: A manifesto for authors’ marketplace success | The Bookseller

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