Do you submit or not?

No, I’m not talking about wrestling but about submitting a revised proposal to a leading publisher.

Here’s my dilemma so tell me what you would do?

A major publisher expressed interest in a YA fantasy trilogy a couple of months ago. She loved it but, as is often the case, wanted to see some revisions, in particular I have to ‘simplify the proposition’. Now, when you are dealing with a complex patchwork quilt of a story (no comparison but think ‘Lord Of The Rings’ or ‘His Dark Materials’), then there is only so far you can go to simplify the proposition (and I guess she means the overall pitch) before it starts to lose its essence.

I’m pretty good at precising big stories and I thought I had done it. I have been trying to second guess her without asking obvious questions. I suspect what she really means is that she wants something she can sell to the marketing department.

So I got to work and tried to simplify and simplify. Then I had a bit of a brainwave and sent to a major agent saying the publisher was interested. She agreed to read it and get back.

All this time the clock is ticking. I would like to think that if the agent liked it this fact alone would raise the profile of the pitch given the agency is a major player.

But how long can I wait before the publisher forgets me altogether? I’m not naive. I know she’s not there gazing out of her office window into space asking herself ‘Where is that YA fantasy pitch I liked two months ago?’

I’ve sent the agent reminders but no response She could be reading it now. So, the question I ask you is. What would you do? Would you send the revised pitch now and to hell with the agent or hang on a bit longer?


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