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OMG, I was breathless by the time I finished Knife’s Edge! While there was more horror in this novel, the thriller action moved so fast that you barely had time to “cringe” at what was happening! I’m not kidding, by the time I was reading the last chapters pages were flying by! Horrible, but not the slasher type, this author makes you “think” of the horror as it happens rather than draw out the details! After all, it doesn’t take much when the knife is sharp and ready…

One key hint to readers–make sure you pay attention to all characters. You never know when they will come back to haunt…

Some may say that we live in the time of the beautiful…and if you aren’t, then there are all different kinds of potions and methods by which you can improve your face or every part of your body…

But by the time that Dr. Thomas Startz had built Heaven’s Gate, the technology, along with his training and expertise was so refined that he could change the entire body! Indeed he had–he had recreated his own sister. Everybody speculated whether they were siblings–the way he looked at her and the way they were always together… So they had decided to go off and do their own thing but that was so depressing for the doctor to not see his creation–that is, until he met Ella Fallon, immediately after she had won $2M!

Ella had just graduated and left home. She was also trying to forget her close friend who now was in a coma from which he might not awake. Did she really love him? Should she just try to move on instead? Ella had never had a boyfriend; she considered herself ugly and had always prayed to somehow become beautiful.

She had met Ed Leeming at College. They were both on scholarship, avoided by the other students, and both were, just not attractive. One day Ella had been the brunt of jokes made by Scott Stockton, the rich, handsome boy who was the most popular–everything… Ed Leeming had stood up for her that day…

And Scott Stockton intended to pay Leeming back… And once it was over, it was forgotten. He didn’t even know that Ed Leeming had been unconscious for over a year… Scott was now looking to make changes in his father’s company!

Now, Ella, having left home, friendless, turned to Dr. Thomas Startz, and said “yes” to all that he offered!

And throughout this story, in many lives, the knife edge brought about changes–one that was beautiful now was not. Another became beautiful and captured the attention of a man she hated, another another was changed without giving permission…and so much more… This is a horror story, readers. And when the knife edge cuts, it does just that, literally! Will any make it through what happened?

If you have ever considered going “under the knife” to improve your image, either don’t read this book… or plan to rethink…

If you thought Stephen King’s Carrie sought revenge…you haven’t seen anything yet!

PsychoThriller – Indeed! And I loved It! Get It Now!

Glenda Bixler


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