The scent of an ending – inside the mind of a reader

I’ve been experimenting with a writing program called Scrivener.

My first impressions are positive. It seems to do everything except write the book for you, although I experience moments of tantalising curiosity when I know – I just know the program can do so much more than I have yet to discover, that there are hidden depths I have not plumbed.

The danger is to get wrapped up in the technology and forget about the book.

I have always known the ending of every book I have written, even happy ever after children’s books. I remember words of advice in one of the only ‘how to write’ books I  have ever read, ‘Writing A Novel’ by John Braine (Room At The Top).


IMG_1187 (Photo credit: crowbot)

There were two phrases that stuck in my mind. The first was: ‘a writer is a person who writes’ and the second was ‘know your ending’.

I thought I knew the ending of my new Mike Delaney thriller ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’ but now that I have reached the point of no return, the point where all the threads of the story should narrow to a thin beam and speed to the word ‘End’, I am not so sure.

This is the point when you know if your plotting has worked or not; if every loop and sub-plot and thread has been tied up in a neat bow.

For the reader.

The reader needs and wants and desires a great ending, a sense of fulfilment. This holds true even if he or she is left with a cliffhanger link to the next book.

Now that I am at that point, the book which up to this point has almost written itself is biting back. The trouble is I have options. And I need to choose the right one.

I’ve just killed off a character every reader will fall in love with.

I just hope this works.

But I have to decide if my ex assassin, ex police, ex esoteric monk hero, Mike Delaney, is going to bring the bad guys to justice; the ones who plotted against the State. Thing is, he is a maverick who doesn’t care a jot about politics, corporate shenanigans or protecting the status quo.

He cares about truth and justice and this is his dilemma.

Should he act as though he worked for the powers that be and is part of the protective infrastructure that keeps them in power?

Or should he walk away?


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