How many shades of gray are there?

I have not read the latest book to take the publishing world by storm although I have read what I imagine is a far better written book on a similar subject by Paulo Coelho. I am struggling to think of the title.

I am sure there must be a hidden meaning to the shades of gray title so maybe somebody can enlighten me. It must mean that there are an infinite number of possible outcomes to any situation each one varying by a unbearably tiny degree that can cause ripples in the time continuum that ultimately lead to a different destination or conclusion.

Normally, I adhere to the old adage first coined by the novelist John Braine (deceased) that a writer is a person who writes.

But this doesn’t apply when you move house. We have bought a renovation project that needs around eight months build time and have elected to live in a caravan in the garden for the duration.

I am still not sure if this was the right decision particularly as the UK is experiencing unseasonably bad weather – rain and more rain.

Luckily, before moving day, I finished my latest Mike Delaney thriller called (currently) ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’. It is good practice to leave the book to chill and mature and marinade within  your hard drive before coming back to it fresh where it will reveal all the faults, errors and mistakes you didn’t see when writing the first draft.

This enforced absence from writing has had some unusual side effects.

I have been forced into humping, painting, repairing and setting up the caravan, shed cum pavilion. But now the pressure is growing to get back to work.

Yes, it is true – a writer is a person who writes however many shades of gray there may be.



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