New thriller short story might work as promotional tool

Like many self-publishers with one eye on attracting a literary agent and being published conventionally, I do sometimes wonder if it is all worthwhile. Particularly when it is so difficult to get noticed amid the huge raft of other books (good, bad or indifferent) that deluge the market, mainly on Amazon.

Some publishers may be unwilling to consider a self-published title that hasn’t sold a shed load of downloads. The consolation is, that what can be published can be unpublished at the click of a mouse and vanish from cyberspace and all sales outlets as though it never existed.

I am reading an excellent book by David Gaughran, whom I met at the Festival of Writing in York, called ‘Let’s Get Visible’. Funnily enough, I’ve just changed the appearance of this blog from the very same one he currently uses.

I have only started to mine the information he, as a successful self-publisher, has poured into this book. It will certainly help me to fine tune my self-publishing marketing activities.

The advent of Amazon’s KDP Select boded well to achieve sales spikes that might continue but, I am a little late for the bonanza because the algorithm has been changed to make it less attractive. But I plan to use it for one new title which I see as being a promotional vehicle that might lead readers to my door.

‘One False Move’ is a Mike Delaney short story – a thriller based on the character in my series with titles such as:       ‘The Immortality Plot’ and ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’. One false move 2

I can give the book away free for five days in every 90 days. At 0.99c it’s a good buy        with  a good cover (I hope) that might lead a reader to click a link to my other books or    my  website.

It remains to be seen if this is going to work.

Oh yes, the story. Mike Delaney has to offer himself in place of his kidnapped and     wheelchair bound friend Bob Messenger whose wheelchair has been connected to the  national grid.

And he has just two hours to find him before Messenger is electrocuted in his own personal electric chair.


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