What will we be writing one thousand years from now?

Language changes and develops over time, particularly language that is exposed to the ‘modern world’. Some languages spoken by remote tribes have hardly changed in the last thousand years.

In all the speculative fiction written in current times, I can’t recall attempts at guessing what English will sound like a thousand years from now. That is not to say it hasn’t been done just that I haven’t come across it.

The website Futurese has made a brave attempt at dissecting language and predicting its development.

And it makes fascinating reading. But, what will writers be writing about one thousand years in the future?

Will they look back through well documented events, lives and internet records and write historical fiction based on our lives now? Will we seem like primitive, unenlightened barbarians compared to our future selves? Or will the apocalyptic future thrillers prove to be right. Books like ‘Mortal Engines’, for example, that predict tractor cities forever on the move unearthing old technology, when mobile phones will become prime museum pieces, as will all forms of communication and current leading edge technology.

Below is a single sentence repeated in what it could sound like in middle English and a thousand years from now.

2000 AD: We children beg you, teacher, that you should teach us to speak correctly, because we are ignorant and we speak corruptly…
2000 Ad (as Middle English): Wi txìldran beg yu, titxar, đat yu xùd titx as tu spik karektli, bikaz wi ar ìgnarant and wi spik karàptli…
1000 AD: Wé cildra biddaþ þé, éalá láréow, þæt þú tǽce ús sprecan rihte, forþám ungelǽrede wé sindon, and gewæmmodlíce we sprecaþ…

One thousand years from now:
3000 AD: *Zᴀ kiad w’‐exùn ya tijuh, da ya‐gᴀr’‐eduketan zᴀ da wa‐tᴀgan lidla, kaz ’ban iagnaran an wa‐tᴀg kurrap…

Or perhaps our generation of sci-fi writers has got it right and proven to have been prophetic with man becoming like superman communicating by touch and telepathy.

And what will romantic love stories be like in the far future; or thrillers; or nursery rhymes?

I’ll bet you one thing and that is that some things never change. There will still be writers trying to get published and then get visible, probably using a future version of Amazon.

Make your telepathic comments in future speak.


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One Response to What will we be writing one thousand years from now?

  1. GolNaran says:

    So interesting!
    Thank you to share.
    (The link doesn’t work unfortunately).
    Best wishes,


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