Getting used to Google Plus, Tumblr and Pinterest – let me know if you use these sites

One of the perennial writer problems (or dilemmas) is how much marketing to do; what is effective; do social media sites really help drive sales and which ones are the most effective?

My experience so far has been restricted to Facebook and two accounts on Twitter. I glossed over the others, such as Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. I’m sure there are more but how many social media platforms do you need?

To be frank, initially I sold a lot of books without much online marketing, the exception being my two blogs; one here on WordPress and the other on my website.

But then sales nosedived. I re-edited books, designed new covers and made more noise. Very slowly, the inertia point seems to have been reached and, with or without freebies, Countdown deals and the rest, the first green shoots of recovery are appearing (don’t talk too soon, DC).

But now I have spent time setting up Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Plus and I plan to use ezine article to spray short pieces of interest out to the world. I will experiment also with ViralContentBuzz, a site that shares tweets and works on a credit system.

Lately though, I have discovered a rather elegant publishing platform called Bublish #bublishme, that does a lot of the marketing for an author based on publishing extracts from a book plus author insights. The idea is to give the reader the inside track on the creative process. It lets readers follow authors and funnels tweets and likes to social media sites and its own users picking up salient snippets that appeal.

Hopefully, once this system has been set up properly and I am used to it, then it will run almost on autopilot.

We will see what we will see.


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