Does social media marketing actually sell any books?

My experiences with social media marketing seem to have gone full circle. In the past it seemed to make difference to book sales, driving traffic from Twitter or Google+, for instance, to Facebook pages and onto my website hoping they would click the buy button.

These days, it doesn’t seem to make a hoot of difference. In fact, I seem to sell more books when I do nothing.

I am contemplating focusing on cost-effective advertising but, even then, it seems to me that ebook fiction sales (with the exception of fortunate titles that seem to click with a vast audience – and they must have something for that to happen), fluctuate wildly with most ebook authors really selling comparatively few downloads.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences.



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One Response to Does social media marketing actually sell any books?

  1. beckyneilsen says:

    I rarely look at Twitter anymore and haven’t looked at my Google Plus account in months. I used to rely on Twitter to give me ideas of new authors or watched eagerly when one I followed released a new book but find that I use Facebook now for any of that. I follow quite a few favorite authors there and get suggestions from them. I also share great books, new authors and/or favorites with my friends there because these are people I know versus Twitter and G+ being mostly strangers.
    I also signed up for a couple of freebie book lists and find most of the new authors through it.


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