Time to take book marketing more seriously

I have to confess my book marketing activities have been pretty hit and miss, which is strange given that I have had a career in PR and marketing. I’ve built up the ‘infrastructure’ in that I have a presence in most of the online and social media sites such as: google+, Tumblr, Bublish, Pinterest,  Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter Bookwriters, Goodreads and my main website plus Wattpad, Smashwords, networked blogs and many others.

The problem is, I don’t really have the time to spend endlessly blogging, commenting and posting on all these sites and I don’t really think they help sell books. They help by making friends and forming skin deep relationships but the problem is there are hundreds of thousands of other writers and readers doing the same thing at the same time.

Another issue is the diverse nature of my work and how I have been spreading myself too thinly. I write the Mike Delaney thriller series; have standalone thrillers; first book in a YA fantasy series; first book in a chapter series for 7-10 year olds. And I have been trying to generate interest in TV script series projects (which is even more difficult than publishing).

So it is little wonder that my sales have dropped. Plus I have written the first of a proposed Harry Chance series, picked up an agent (just for that book alone).

I shall certainly be taking part in this years aLLi (The Alliance Of Independent Authors) online indie author conference. You can get information and sign up here.

Last year’s was very useful and I saved a host of email downloads with videos and posts from some heavyweight people in the independent author sector.

What I have learnt is that I have to focus. I am now considering Facebook advertising couple with mailing list building, judicious advertising in selected online platforms and also considering submitting to digital first publishers that have more time and resources to put into marketing than I have.

Do get in touch or comment if anything I have said rings true or you have some positive suggestions.


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