Help me choose my new thriller title

I need a title for my new Mike Delaney thriller and I’d like your help.

In brief, Delaney reunites twin sisters separated at birth. One has become a Catholic nun in Ireland and the other an assassin in the United States.

The two-second rule. Don’t dwell too much. Instant reactions. Or suggest your own.

Thank you so much.


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3 Responses to Help me choose my new thriller title

  1. beckyneilsen says:

    The reason I chose Good twin, Bad twin is that reading Twin makes me want to know more, where reading Girl just evoked an ‘okay so what’ attitude. The word twin makes me want to know why they are good or bad, were they separated, etc. As for Find Her, it did absolutely nothing to excite me. Hope this helps.


  2. Thank you, Becky. I am starting a new phase of marketing, building a list etc and I want to establish an ‘advance reader’ team that gets new books free (and there will be some) in return for a review. It’s early days yet but I would love to add your email to the list, if you agree.

    Book title: Another title idea: ‘Torn Apart’, ‘In Two Minds’


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