Will Facebook ads bring home the bacon?

Well, it’s true. My marketing efforts over the last year or so have been piecemeal and unstructured. Odd really, when  you consider I have spent a career in the PR and marketing businesses.

It’s hard to put my finger on why. I have what I call my ‘infrastructure’ in place: website, blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +, Goodreads, Pinterest and other programs I’ve used from time to time to market blogs, network articles etc but I’ve never really focused with laser-like precision.

Someone said that for a fiction writer a blog is of limited value unless the writer is a household name.

It’s just, as they say in Ireland, a lot of blather all over cyberspace.

But recently I have focused  on Facebook ads, at least I am about to. The purpose is to build a mailing list of loyal and interested readers. Some of them might like to form part of a readers group.They would receive free copies of new books and other freebies in return for comments and reviews (as blunt and honest as they can be).

I can see the benefit of launching new books to a key team of readers and then offering special deals via the mailing list.

But Facebook ads take some mastering. It is a very sophisticated system and it’s frightening how much data Facebook holds about more than a billion people woldwide.

So, you may see an ad for a free Mike Delaney short story ‘One False Move’ appearing in your news feed. If you haven’t read it already, then click the download button and you’ll be added to my new mailing list.

I look forward to meeting you there.




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Award winning novelist, author and musician. This blog is for all book lovers (especially thrillers and YA); writers and book reviewers.
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One Response to Will Facebook ads bring home the bacon?

  1. NathanAEmery says:

    Interesting marketing technique. So, is it working for you yet? Just an author curious about the method. Keep writing!


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