New Mike Delaney novella under way

In addition to pursuing submissions to agents, and publishers (through my agent who handles just one book of mine), I’ve redesigned my website and planned a new Mike Delaney novella titled ‘Captured’.

The book is a few months away from being finished but if any beta readers out there would like a free copy in exchange for a constructive editorial review just let me  know. You can contact me at the end of this post or on my website (see link above).

I’m just back from a family holiday in Crete and it was a pleasant experience to be writing the first draft longhand sitting in the shade of an olive tree watching the swallows swooping and diving to the swimming pool at the villa to quench their thirst and take water back to their nests.

There is something to be said for just pen and paper. In fact, I often sketch out a first draft the old-fashioned way before transferring to my writing program Scrivener. It means I can go anywhere and write, especially out in the open. I can’t see a computer screen properly in bright sunlight but I can scribble and sip an ice-cold beer looking at a magnificent view.

Reading my own handwriting can be an issue but I do try to write neatly, at least until the second beer has been downed.

I’m still also preparing to experiment with Facebook ads to build my mailing list and maybe sell a book or two. I’m also considering Twitter and Snapchat to reach a younger audience for my YA fantasy books.

‘Captured’ sees Mike Delaney witness a young woman being snatched in front of him. Two heavies bundle her into a blacked out van and he is powerless to prevent it – a Walther PPK revolver makes sure of that. Shortly before, the woman had photographed him on her cellphone and while he was distracted, slipped something into his jacket pocket.

That ‘something’ proves to be dynamite in the wrong hands. And it instantly catapults Delaney into a chain of events he is powerless to avoid as he resolves to find out who the woman is, why she was taken and exactly why the object in his pocket could be his death warrant.

See you all soon. Keep the faith.



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One Response to New Mike Delaney novella under way

  1. beckyneilsen says:

    You bet I would love to be a beta reader and help! I,love Mike Delaney stories! He’s a likeable character, one that I will read anything you write about him.


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