@Instafreebie – does it work? Yes and no

I am trying out the book giveaway site Instafreebie (@instafreebie) whereby readers sign up to my mailing list in return for a free download.  This is a tried and tested method of building a mailing list of readers who definitely like my books and others who just click for a free book and may or may not click for more or, praise the Lord, buy one.

One aspect I am told is that the more I promote (tweets/blogs etc) the more they will promote on my behalf. It sounds a neat system until you bear in mind this seems to mean committing the cardinal sin on Twitter (for example) of tweeting ‘get my free book’ over and over.

There must be a happy medium somewhere


About thebookwriters

Award winning novelist, author and musician. This blog is for all book lovers (especially thrillers and YA); writers and book reviewers.
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