Help me win a publishing deal

I’ve just discovered Inkitt, a new website where readers can review books, some of which will get published and promoted by the platform. So, if you can go to the books listed below and leave a review only of a chapter or two (or the whole book if it gets you hooked) I might get closer to a publishing deal.

It appears to be driven by reader power (which is no bad thing) which means reviews. But, here’s the interesting part, you don’t have to read the entire book to leave a review. There are full-length books on the site and partials, usually about five chapters. If readers like the opening five then they leave a review saying they’d love to read more. These reviews drive the publishing process.

So I’d love you take a look at the six books I’ve put up for review, two of which have never been published anywhere. There are two full-length thrillers and four partials (five or six chapters). I’ll list them here. Click on the title to go to the relevant Inkitt page.


1. THE IMMORTALITY PLOT (full-length)
Many of you have reviewed this book already and (joy of joys) bought it. This is a full-length Mike Delaney thriller in which the ex assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex warrior monk battles against a contract serial killer known as The Priest.

2. MISCONCEPTION (full-length)
Seen so far only by a few beta readers, several literary agents have requested to see this UK-based surrogacy thriller in which a young wife is desperate for a child; an exotic and erotic surrogate seduces the husband and the wife abducts the baby. I’m close to polishing the final draft.

3. OR ELSE SHE DIES (partial)
UK thriller featuring Harry Chance, former cage fighter turned jewel thief. A gangland boss thinks Chance knows the whereabouts of £40m in stolen gold so kidnaps his daughter. Chance, who has no idea where the gold might be, is given a deadline – or else his daughter dies.

4. KNIFE EDGE (partial)
Terrifying psycho thriller with a horror twist as two ugly losers are transformed into beautiful creatures then wreak revenge on the arrogant, millionaire bully who made their lives a misery.

5. BODYSWITCH (partial)
A multiracial, split personality metaphysical thriller in which two men, one black the other white, swap bodies.

6. THE VANISHING (partial)
Middle-grade fantasy with a sci-fi twist. When the animal kingdom vanishes from Earth a boy, a girl and their pet orangutan embark on a perilous cosmic quest to get them back.

That’s it. I do hope you get the chance to take a look at the different books and leave a review.


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One Response to Help me win a publishing deal

  1. MarthaE says:

    Hi David. I’m visiting from your Mailbox Monday link.
    There are some interesting thrillers in your list and the MG sounds like it might be fun.
    Hope you continue to get some good feedback. Have a good week.


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