Put Gregg Hurwitz on your reading list

I’ve become pretty fussy about what thrillers I read. Not that I only read thrillers. But I’ve just discovered Gregg Hurwitz, author of Orphan X and The Nowhere Man and many others I have yet to read.

I’ll be posting a review of these two books in a future blog but I was excited enough to recommend you check him out right away.

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Just one of my new Facebook ads

AMAZON readers say. ‘The Plot Will Blow Your Mind’. Former U.S assassin Mike Delaney (aka The Monk) has sworn never to kill again until a contract killer murders his pregnant wife. He uncovers a global plot by the super rich and powerful to steal the DNA from scores of murdered young women. On Kindle now. Just $3.99.

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Writing time versus marketing time

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It’s a common complaint by authors, whether traditionally published or self-published. How much time do spend writing and how much time do you devote to marketing? Everyday I receive another email pitch for a course that tells me how to sell … Continue reading

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Fantastic reviews for THE IMMORTALITY PLOT and an offer from Russia

​Now and again it’s good to allow yourself to bathe in a warm glow. It doesn’t happen too often but once in a while when something pretty good happens, then why not? The reason for the good feeling is the … Continue reading

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Crazed child abuser kidnaps wheelchair-bound man and his 15-year old daughter. Why?

That was the initiating idea behind my new Mike Delaney short story thriller ONE FALSE MOVE.


I enjoy creating nasty villains to pit against Mike Delaney and in Julius Schipp I have conjured up one of the nastiest.

And the good thing is, I might resurrect him in another, as yet unwritten, thriller. For now,  he has escaped from custody after being convicted for child sex offences. So why capture Bob Messenger, a man in a wheelchair, and his young daughter? What can he have in mind for them?

Bob Messenger is Delaney’s longest standing friend, the man who created confess-confess, the crime busting website that Delaney is involved with.

So, Julius Schipp doesn’t want either of them. They are expendable. Why? Because his real target is Mike Delaney. He wants to tempt Delaney to come after him to get his revenge.

Why? Well, you’ll have to read ONE FALSE MOVE to find out. Lucky it’s FREE. You can download it from my site http://www.davidcallinan.com or @instafreebie here https://www.instafreebie.com/free/53iaF

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